Cluny was the second Rome, the most powerful abbey in medieval Christendom, which played a great role in religious history and in Romanesque art.

Quite simply the biggest...

The abbey of Cluny developed very quickly under the direction of its illustrious abbots. The Cluniac order took shape with the foundation and reform of several abbeys in France and further afield, reduced to the rank of priory or deanery and directly dependent on the mother abbey of Cluny. At its peak, the abbey ruled over some 1500 monasteries throughout Europe.

Today, only 8% of the abbey church remains, but many of the monastic buildings that made up Cluny Abbey are visible.

J.D Salvèque

This plan shows all the buildings: in white, elements that have now disappearedand in colour the buildings you can discover throughout the visit.

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Self-guided tours

Don't feel like taking a guided tour because you don't like it, or don't think you have the time? That's a shame, because guided tours give you a better understanding of the site, but it's possible...!

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Please be aware that opening times vary according to the sites visited and the time of year. Plan to arrive at least 1 hour before the closing time of theAbbey and museum and 30 min for the Cheese tour.

Cluny Abbey has been awarded the 2nd place in the French Favourite Monument for the programme broadcast by Stéphane BERN on France 3 in September 2023!

In the heart of the european network of cluniac sitesin the centre of a Country of Art and HistoryCluny has been awarded several labels and mentions: Council of Europe's major cultural route, European Heritage... and is participating in the UNESCO World Heritage listing application for the Cluniac network.

Gadzart Cluny
A. Sève

Did you know that?

Cluny Abbey has now been desecrated, and it is the students of the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers (the gadzarts) who are bringing the building to life.

The term gadzartsGadz'Arts" refers to students and engineers from the École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers (ENSAM) or Arts et Métiers ParisTech.

Dates to remember: The christening of Les Gadz'Arts (24 November 2023) and the Grand Gala (01 June 2024)

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