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Clunisois Hospital
Place du Dr Charles Pleindoux
71250 CLUNY

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Early 18th century hospital building with an apothecary, a sick room, a chapel and a trustees' room.

In 1625, an important bequest allowed the foundation of the Hôpital Notre-Dame. This was replaced in 1703 by the present Hôtel-Dieu, the construction of which was initiated by the Cardinal de Bouillon, 55th abbot of Cluny.
Your visit will allow you to discover the wonders contained in the different rooms:
- the monumental chapel, its painted ceiling and the furniture from the abbey,
- the patients' room with its 17th century woodwork, its furniture and its display cases of religious ornaments,
- the apothecary, its collections of pharmaceutical earthenware (16th to 19th centuries) and its pewter,
- the directors' room.


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