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Saint-Pierre Church


Le Bourg

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Saint-Pierre church, in the heart of the village, is thought to have been built by masons who helped to build Cluny Abbey in the early 12th century.

The church at Chissey, between Cluny and Tournus, has a fine Romanesque church, particularly noteworthy for its slender bell tower and historiated capitals. The nave and bell tower remain from the early 12th century church. In the mid-19th century, the transept and choir were rebuilt on the west side and a new portal replaced the Romanesque apse on the east side. From the outside, you can admire the high, three-storey bell tower with geminated bays and Lombard strips beneath a tall stone pyramid. The Romanesque portal on the north side, beneath the sculpted modillions of the nave, features a poly-lobed tympanum with remains of paintings. Inside, it is the harmony of the nave that is striking, with its four bays under a pointed barrel vault, the double arches of which fall on columns set between arcades on pilasters in the side walls. There are six sculpted capitals, the only historiated capitals in Mâconnais churches, which were poorly restored in the 19th century. The capitals depict the Nativity with the Annunciation and the Announcement to the Shepherds, three scenes of King David fighting Goliath, two demonic masks throwing up foliage scrolls, winged dragons and foliage. The church, which had long been in a poor state of repair, was recently restored. Also worth seeing in the commune: the Lys chapel.

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