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Château de Brancion


Medieval site of Brancion

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Between the abbeys of Tournus and Cluny, perched on a rocky spur, Brancion takes you on a journey of discovery of the splendours of the Middle Ages.

At the heart of the Romanesque road linking the abbeys of Tournus and Cluny, perched on a rocky outcrop, Brancion welcomes you and takes you on a voyage of discovery of a dreamed-of Middle Ages: fortified gateway, keep dominating the village and the Romanesque church, exceptional panoramic views and strolls through an entirely pedestrianised site. Surrounded by greenery, the castle is a place where time seems to stand still. It is unique in that it illustrates the evolution of castle architecture from the Carolingian era to the Wars of Religion.

* The ruins of the logis de l'An Mil, one of the few known examples in France of a large seigneurial hall from the early 11th century.
* The 12th- and 13th-century Seigneurial castle with the Beaufort dwelling and its defensive towers, the Treasure Tower and the 20-metre-high keep, which offers an exceptional 360° panoramic view.
* The 14th-century château ducal with the Beaujeu dwelling, whose magnificent poly-lobed bays and monumental fireplaces bear witness to its past grandeur.

Nestled between the castle and the church, the village offers a maze of flowery lanes where it is pleasant to stroll. On the central square (the "common plaster"), stands the 16th century market hall.
The Romanesque church of Saint-Pierre dominates a preserved landscape, forged by hundreds of generations of farmers. It houses wall paintings from the end of the 13th century and the recumbent of Josserand de Brancion, who died at the battle of Mansourah in 1250 (7th crusade).
Next door is the simple garden created by the association TREMPLIN Homme et Patrimoine.

We speak: Allemand, Anglais

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