The Easter lamb on the ground will take you across the shopping street to the end of rue Lamartine, then right down Petite rue des Ravattes.

Taking around 50 minutes on foot, this city tour can be combined with the Notre-Dame and Saint-Mayeul tours!


The Pontet house

The Pontet house

The house at Le Pontet has some rare 12th and 13th century shop fittings, a clerestory on the 1st floor and the remains of its roof frame.

Place de la Liberté

Cross the square to the Hôtel-Dieu. A reading table at the right-hand corner of the square will complete your visit.

The Hôtel-Dieu

Unaccompanied tours of the chapel (paintings by artist C. Chaimovicz and furniture from the abbey) and the Salle Saint-Lazare. Visit the administrators' room and the apothecary by appointment.

The house where Prud'hon was born

Born in Cluny in 1758, Prud'hon was an important painter of the late 18th century. Unique in his century, he enjoyed a brilliant career defending his own style at the crossroads of two centuries, two eras, two cultures and two styles: neo-classicism and romanticism.

The church of Saint-Marcel

This church is remarkable for its slender octagonal bell tower, adorned with bays with geminated windows set in an arch, and probably dating from the 12th century. Today it hosts religious services as well as numerous concerts.

Les Tanneries

Discover the Cluny of the 21st century with the School of Music and Dance and, behind it, the refectory of the Ecole des Arts et Métiers.

Once you've completed the route, you can walk back up Rue Lamartine to the Tourist Office, where you can continue along the Notre-Dame or Saint-Mayeul routes.

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