Walking in the city, on the footpaths, the greenway and other paths, alone or in the company of our four-legged friends, is the best way to enjoy the diversity of our landscape.

Here you will find numerous circuits and varied terrain, accessible to all levels, whether you are an experienced or an amateur!

A. Sève


When the weather's fine, there's nothing nicer than a walk in the woods.

However, for everyone can take advantage of it under the right conditions, every walker must respect a few rules of good practice :

  • Wear clothing to protect against ticks,
  • respect marked paths and/or tracks,
  • respect the signs,
  • Moderate harvesting,
  • leave dead wood in the forest,
  • don't leave your rubbish out in the open,
  • do not light fires or barbecues,
  • respect the flora and fauna around us,

-> To find out more, visit the ONF website

Happy walking to all on the paths of the Clunisois!

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