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La Grange Finot
71250 BRAY

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The Bray site bears witness to the different status of the monks of Cluny in medieval society. In fact, when the abbot of Cluny bought Boutavent castle in 1237, he was granted the right to administer justice and tithe on the lands of Bray, which depended on it. Cluny also built the Saint-Jean-du-Bois chapel there, which became a hermitage for a time. Although the Cluniac rule required monks to live in community, some sometimes withdrew and isolated themselves from Cluny.
But the monks were fully integrated into society. They administered agricultural and wine-growing land: the Malaise estate, created by Cluny, is a reminder of this essential activity. They also provided religious services in the centre of the village, in the 11th-12th century church of Saint-Quentin. The layout of the church is original for the region, but once inside, look out for the carvings on the capitals, which could date back to the 11th century.

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