In Cluny, stop time in the parks and gardens for a break close to nature...

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The National Stud

At the foot of the famous Cluny Abbey, take advantage of free access to the Haras park for a family outing into the world of horses...

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The Rose Garden of Cluny

At the foot of the Round TowerIn this botanical conservatory, you will find 350 varieties of ancient and modern roses. Take advantage of the benches to rest in complete serenity.

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The Garden of Simples

This green space hidden in the narthex of the AbbeyThis medieval-inspired garden is home to a variety of plants with healing properties and aromatic essences. Walk through it and don't miss the magnificent fountain with its surprising stained-glass windows!

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The abbey park

This green park offers a breath of fresh air in the centre of Cluny.You'll also be able to take time out for a quiet picnic!

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