In the Middle Ages, Cluny ruled over more than 1,800 dependencies throughout Europe.

Today, the network of Cluniac sites (nearly 200 sites in 7 different countries), with its headquarters in Cluny, is working to gain recognition for the extraordinary heritage bequeathed to us by the Cluniac monks, as well as for its ability to mobilise, down the centuries, European populations around timeless values such as hospitality, the spread of knowledge, intercultural dialogue...
Because this phenomenon has helped to shape Europe's identity, a nomination for inclusion on the Unesco World Heritage List has been launched by the European Federation of Cluniac Sites.

Find the Cluniac Sites of the community of communes of the Clunisoismembers of the Federation. The sites of Cluny, Blanot, Bonnay-Saint-Ythaire and Bray are listed in the UNESCO application !

Deanery of Bezornay

Deanery of the Monks

Saint-Denis Church

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Monks' Chapel

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Fermé. Ouvre demain to 09h30

Cluny Abbey

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