Whether in  Blanot where the church is in perfect harmony with the adjoining priory, Chapaize whose 35 m high church tower can be seen from afar or at Saint-Vincent des PrésThe Romanesque art of Burgundy is sublimated through churches, each one more attractive than the next. These places exude an inspiring solemnity and sobriety.

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Many other examples of Romanesque religious buildings allow us to justify the expression "Romanesque garden" which characterises our lands so well, as in Mazille where the church of Saint-Blaise awaits you in its green setting or at La-Vineuse-sur-Frégande where the church square offers a magnificent view. Not forgetting, among others, the small but no less remarkable churches of Massy (also in the commune of La-Vineuse-sur-Frégande) and Ameugny.

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