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Walk in the Trois Monts forest

The Romanesque church of Mazille is a welcome sight in a green pasture setting.

Equestre, Pédestre, VTT

The smiling village with its beautiful Mâcon houses has preserved other listed buildings from its important Cluniac past and a lively tradition of hospitality. The walk leaves the town with its golden stones, leaving meadows and megaliths along the way, to go happily into the Trois Monts forest. This wooded area with its many species of trees provides a natural habitat for game, wild boar and roe deer. The light plays under the antlers and the paths are full of fragrance. There are two stops along the way: at the Jalogny forest house and at the Cébée fountain. The latter houses the spring that supplied the village with drinking water for a long time in the heart of the forest.

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