Visiting Cluny in 1 day is the ideal time to enjoy this magnificent city. You will be immersed in a very pleasant medieval atmosphere, with its abbey, its medieval city, its towers, its churches, the architecture of the houses and the atmosphere that reigns in the narrow streets...

The town has a rich historical past and despite bombings and the destruction of parts of the Abbey, Cluny is a must during your stay in Burgundy. It is therefore not too much to extend your visit to Cluny in one day.

Cluny is a accessible city by public transport, by car and by bike!

A morning in Cluny

When arriving in Cluny, we advise you to park in the car park of the " Prado "(paying but not expensive - 1.50€/day) or on the car park " Rochefort "It is free and therefore very often full, as it is very popular with locals, students and workers.

From these two car parks, you are only 5 minutes walk from the historic centre of Cluny.

From the Prado car park, you will be (in season) directly welcomed by our tourist information point, otherwise we will meet you at 6 rue Mercière at the Tourist Office to give you all the information and tickets you need to spend a beautiful day in our beautiful medieval city.

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The day can then begin!

Come and meet the Tourist Office reception team, who will advise you according to the day's events, your needs and your requirements!

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The Visit Factory

Ask for the day's programme from our "Visits Factory" for do not miss the guided tours so you can plan your day with peace of mind!




The Cheese Tower

With your "Odilon" Pass, climb to the top of the Tour des Fromages to admire the panoramic view and take your best shots of the abbey city of Cluny.


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Lunch break in the abbey town

During your lunch break, let yourself be seduced by a small dish prepared with care in one of the city's restaurants, accompanied of course by a good glass of Burgundy wine. Or simply eat on the go in the city centre's bakeries and pastry shops.


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Afternoon in Cluny



The Museum of Art and Archaeology

With your guidebook in hand and an eye on the bronze nails, you will set off in the direction of the Portes d'Honneur to discover this abbey palace The museum houses outstanding works of medieval sculpture from Cluny, from the town and the abbey.


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The Abbey Church

Continue your visit by descending into the ruins of the forecourt and then through the gates of the Gelasius Palace. Included in the entrance ticket, the guided tour of the abbey will give you all the information you need to understand the site of which only 8% remain!


This visit will take you on a vast journey from the vaults of the transept of the church, through the 18th century monastery, the chapter house to the farinier with its 13th century barrel vault. Not to mention the many digital mediation devices which will help you to understand and see the parts of the abbey that have disappeared and its architectural evolution through 3D reconstructions.

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Take a short break

Throughout the city, you will find nice cafés/terrasses to cool down or warm up depending on the season...

You are now re-boosted for stroll through the medieval city following the discovery tour You can see the streets of the city on your guide map and imagine the bustle of the Middle Ages with all the shops open!

Take advantage of these routes to stop at the Hôtel-Dieu, the church of St Marcel (often closed but with a remarkable bell tower) and the church of Notre-Dame, and take time to recharge your batteries in the town's parks and gardens, with a new addition this year, the park of the Haras National de Cluny!

An evening in Cluny

It's been a busy day and now you deserve some quality time with a wine tasting at one of our wine merchants before a delicious meals with local products to be enjoyed both as food and wine!

The festivities are not lacking and will allow you to extend this pleasant day while enjoying a market, a concert, a show or a theatre performance.


Where to sleep?

If this day has exhausted you or if you simply don't want to leave Cluny, many accommodations are available in the city centre.


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