4 seasons and 1,000 ways to enjoy your holiday in South Burgundy and its ever-changing landscapes! 

Throughout the year, come and discover the changing beauty of Southern Burgundy. As the seasons go by, the Clunisois reveals a variety of new atmospheres, new lights and new experiences to experience with family or friends.

Whatever the season, here, light is the source of the most beautiful stories!

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The song of the cicadas and the warm air on the skin reminds us that we are in the "South" of Burgundy...

Fill up on vitamin D while enjoying the sunshine and warmth of southern Burgundy!

The summer season is the most animated for its numerous festivities, its many leisure activities and the streets of Cluny which swarm with locals and visitors from all over the world.

You can hear foreign languages echoing within the walls of the medieval city, children playing and laughing and glasses clinking on the tables of the terraces.

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Enjoy the awakening of nature and the gentle pace of life.

The softness of the spring air will awaken all your senses at the end of winter! This sweet season rhymes with sun, light and colours! South Burgundy will make you enjoy real moments and we would like to be everywhere at the same time to listen to the birds singing, smell the sweet perfume of the flowers...

The quietness of spring will offer a superb setting for your walks, not forgetting the egg hunts for the Easter weekend!

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Contemplate the breathtaking scenery and its beautiful colour palettes.

The off-season is good! Like a Canadian Indian summerThe nights are cool, the mornings are foggy, the day is mild, sunny and dry. The temperatures are getting cooler but it is finally the ideal weather for walks and other outdoor activities.

The light magnifies the nuances on the stone, on the water, on the vineyards, on the valleys and the falling leaves make the landscapes flamboyant.

So you'll have to face the facts: Autumn is Burgundy!



Smelling the fresh air of South Burgundy will give you a feeling of lightness and freedom!

Some people prefer to take advantage of the shortest days of the year and then enjoy a cosy evening in a warm place by the fire where life is good!

Once you have met a few walkers, you may have the impression that you have the wilderness chosen for a walk all to yourself. Nature is devoid of all artifice, which allows you to discover new, larger and more impressive landscapes between fog and the first rays of sunshine.

The landscapes under the snow are magical! Although it is only a few days in the winter, the whiteness of the snow or the frost always provokes in each of us the same feeling of return to childhoodThese are moments that are immortalized and that sublimate each element of nature.

This is the best season to go and meet the local craftsmen and producers on Christmas markets or at their place of production. Take the opportunity to discover the vineyards and taste the famous Burgundy wines!

Some cultural sites welcome you all year round, ideal for taking your time and following tours away from the summer crowds.

Any season, any sky, is good when there are two of you...

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So when is the best time to visit us?

If you are lucky enough to be able to leave whenever you want, you are probably wondering when is the best time to discover this little corner of Southern Burgundy!

Well, the answer is: all year round!

The weather in Cluny is most pleasant from May to October. In July/August, temperatures can sometimes be very hot (because yes, we are in the SOUTH of Burgundy) and the tourist season is in full swing and crowds are high. Visiting in July and August may not be the best time of year, but you're sure to find plenty of entertainment and festivals! This doesn't mean that everything comes to a halt after these two summer months - quite the contrary!

Our advice is to visit Cluny in May, June, September and October. There are fewer crowds and the temperatures are very pleasant. The month of October will win you over with the beauty of its landscapes and the bright colours of autumn!

Visiting Cluny in winter is not mission impossible, on the contrary, the town's sites remain open all year round! Just remember to bring warm clothes...

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