To get you into the spirit of the Clunisois region, here's our overview of the highlights that punctuate the years and attract ever more visitors!

It's an opportunity to discover the spirit of our region, which is welcoming, festive, warm and, above all, full of life...

17 March 12 November 2023

Equestrian events

  • Cluny
Many riders (pro and amateur) liven up the town of Cluny with their horses during the horse shows which take place from March to November on the Equivallée grounds. Whether you are an amateur or a horse enthusiast, stop by to "enjoy" the excitement that reigns in these arenas, access is free! At the...
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20 August 16 September 2023

Cluny, History on show

  • Cluny
Relive the history of Cluny through a dramatised tour of historic sites in the town and Cluny Abbey, immersing yourself in the great march of Cluny history. INFORMATION 2024 TO COME [𝟏𝟐𝟐𝟒] - The number of spectators who took part in Act III - "Gold and art and the haloed",...
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16 May 19 May 2024

Cluny Dance

  • Cluny, Matour and Charnay-Lès-Mâcon
For the past 11 years, we've been enjoying sharing our emotions with you, dancing together and building moments in life that unite us.the Festival Cluny Danse is a festival for everyone, and above all for everyone. UPCOMING INFORMATION 2024 The year 2023 marks the start of a new cycle, a new decade. This...
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The 01 June 2024

The Grand Gala de Cluny

  • Cluny Abbey
Every year since 1935, the Grand Gala des Arts et Métiers de Cluny has been organised by the school's first and second year engineering students. For the 86th edition, join us for an exceptional evening spent in the thousand-year-old Abbey of Cluny. With more than 4,500 guests, the Grand Gala de Cluny, more...
Full price €50 / Admission + gourmet meal €175
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24 July 28 July 2024

Lournand Festival

  • Lournand
Come and enjoy the emotion and laughter of 5 days and evenings of festivities around the performing arts! INFORMATION 2024 COMING SOON The 5-day festival of live performances will take over the village square in Lournand and new venues in the villages of the Clunisois communauté de communes, offering...
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01 August 15 August 2024

The Great Hours of Cluny

  • Cluny
Festival of classical music, dance and theatre in the heart of the abbey town. COMING 2024 INFORMATION From June to August 2023, the next season of the Grandes Heures de Cluny festival will feature 9 concerts, including a double gourmet concert in the beautiful Abbey of Cluny, at the Farinier des Moines, in the church...
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17 August 24 August 2024

Jazz campus in Clunisois

  • Cluny
Festival et stage de musiques jazz en bourgogne du sud - Un partage du sensible INFORMATIONS 2024 A VENIR Les stages sont ouverts à tous les praticiens d'instruments, pour peu qu'ils désirent échanger, partager avec d'autres le goût d'une expression individuelle au sein d'une collectivité assumée. These workshops have always been entrusted to artists...
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The Festival of Festivals

Discover the great events of the Clunisois!

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