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Castle, translation of the Roman "Castellum", retains a tower from its medieval castel, where is it?

Equestre, Pédestre, VTT

The castle, a translation of the Roman "Castellum", still has a tower from its medieval castel, but where is it? Since 1848, it has simply served as the church tower. On the border between the Charolais and Clunisois regions, originally a wine-growing area, as you can see from the arid hillsides, Château has progressively become a breeding area since the middle of the 20th century. Some paths and sunken lanes weave their way through the tasty grass. The "Chemin des Belvédères" (viewpoint path) raises the altimeter to 515 m. It partly follows the GR 76c and skims the wooded hills of Mont Grémoi. Taking off from the ridge, it offers panoramic views from which you can discover the Clunisois valley in wonder.

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