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Show 15 March 2024

Lecture: Dictionnaire amoureux de l'inutile

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Le friday 15 March à 20h00 Théâtre Les Arts, 71250 CLUNY


Les Arts Theatre
Place du Marché
71250 CLUNY

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After writing a mischievous book with four hands, François Morel, the father, and Valentin, the son, join forces on stage for a two-voice reading of the best pages of a dictionary unlike any other. This book would be a walk through our emotions, as futile as they are solid: making ricochets over the river, paper cocottes, the expression "combing the giraffe", remembering little electric trains, first-class telegrams... It would be an impossible book, given that the notion of the useless is so open to question. Are humans more useful than lobsters? Are potatoes more indispensable than bindweed? Is the village idiot less necessary than the member of the Institut?

From age 14.

François & Valentin Morel: Writing and performance

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