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Music 12 April 2024


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Le friday 12 April à 20h00 Théâtre Les Arts, 71250 CLUNY


Les Arts Theatre
Place du Marché
71250 CLUNY

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Emma Cesari, aka Czesare, is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter. A native of Provence, France, she has been immersed in jazz from an early age, and soon developed a passion for the guitar. With a distinctive string sound, she delivers a guitar-vocals sound that creates a groovy pop aesthetic accompanied by haunting melodies. Through her music, we discover the questions of a person in search of identity who sings of her wanderings in love and the inspiring landscapes that surround her.
Spotted, encouraged and followed by Flavia Coelho and Victor Vagh, Czesare's universe has already seduced many artists such as -M-, Feu ! Chatterton, Flavia Coelho, Cats on Trees, Jain and November Ultra, who have asked her to support them.

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