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Equine massages, seaweed and marine mud wraps, Bach Flower Remedies.

As a breeder of donkeys and horses for 20 years in Cluny, Saône et Loire, I have always provided the best possible care and well-being for my animals, thanks to my own practices and those of my partners. What's more, I'm lucky enough to be able to entrust my farm's health monitoring to a veterinary practice that's always keen to analyse a problem from a human/animal perspective!

After several years of taking on trainees at an animal osteopathy school, I was trained in massage therapy at an equine balneotherapy centre based on well-being practices and ethological fundamentals. For this training, I benefited from the support of a sensitive vet who practised kinesiology on all my animals for a long time. He's now retired and I'd like to thank him for his ongoing advice, because I too am still training in animal kinesiology until the end of July 2023...
In this way, the kindness of my sessions leads the horse towards an attitude of relief.

I attend many of Cluny's equestrian events, such as Equivallée competitions, Cluny Attelage events and horse races.
I travel within a 50 km radius. Beyond that, please contact me.

But what are the benefits of my sessions on horses?
Massage therapy prepares and stimulates before exercise, and releases muscle tension and contractures afterwards.
Algotherapy regenerates and relaxes thanks to a wrap that is left on for a soothing moment in the event of osteoarthritis or extreme fatigue.
Bach flowers manage emotions in the event of a change in lifestyle or stress associated with certain situations (e.g. transport, new people...).
Massage is a complement to veterinary and alternative medicine, based on a number of fundamental concepts including anatomy, meticulous palpation, listening to the animal's needs, ethology and, above all, kindness.
It works on soft tissue (skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc.).
During a session, an intelligent hand detects the potential presence of contractures, heat, volume and sensitivity and establishes a meeting and a connection.
This is where confidence is built.
The specific gestures of massage trigger mechanical, thermal and informational mechanisms in the body. These mechanisms enable the body to prepare for work, recover or simply relax.
They will also help to improve flexibility, mobility and proprioception (= perception of the body's position in space) in everyday life, as well as performance, making it accessible to everyone.
During the massage, the horse/donkey adopts an attitude that tends towards relaxation.

In addition, I can recommend a beneficial blend of personalised essential oils to be applied by the owner to the areas indicated.
- Algotherapy works by wrapping the horse/donkey in seaweed specifically for its needs.
It includes a rice sheet cover and a remineralising seaweed blend.
It is a technique used in cases of osteoarthritis, fatigue after a season of hard work or even on retired individuals. Its aim is to remineralise tired muscle areas.
Caution: this requires a suitable location with a shower for rinsing (preferably warm to hot water). You should allow 24 hours to rest after the session.
- Thermotherapy is an excellent way of ridding the body of all its impurities and replenishing it with minerals. This method uses heat and/or cold.
By cold: the cryogen. It is used ONLY on the TENDONS.
It relieves discomfort and relaxes tendons by lowering the temperature by 10 degrees, replacing the cold water shower.
Hot: heated sea mud.
It's a treatment based on seaweed, clay and marine sediments.
It energises the body and relaxes the muscles.
Warning: these methods require a suitable location with a shower for rinsing.
These techniques encourage the circulation of good energy for a recuperative effect.
- Bach Flower Remedies are recognised for managing emotions during periods of change or unforeseen events (new work environment, transport stress, change of companions, etc.).
This practice consists of preparing a careful blend of Bach Flower extracts according to the temperament of your horse/donkey.
It's worth pointing out that you know your horse/donkey best.
* The vet is your pet's sole carer!

During your stay in Cluny with your horse, let yourself be carried away by the desire to offer him a moment of well-being!

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