Visiting Cluny with your family !

Looking for a place to enjoy great moments with your family, kids and think outside the box and everyday rules ??

We have exactly what you need !Jeu famille à Cluny - Cluny & le sortilège de Pidou-Berlu

It is true that at first sight, Cluny with its abbey and medieval city has nothing promising to offer for a nice family outing dominated by joy and laughter... Well, think again !

The Tourist Office has prepared for you a brand-new game - Cluny & Pidou-Berlu’s spell - for an unusual discovery of our beautiful city. Come and pick up your adventure bag and go off to roam around for 90 minutes of family amusement and complicity in order to solve the riddles and unravel the mystery which will free Pidou-Berlu from his spell !
Climb up to the top of the Cheeses’ Tower. Find Céleste, our famous blue cow...
In short, you will have to be playful, observant and also act a little as a wizard ! But let us not tell you more about it, otherwise there will be a risk of spoiling your adventure !!

Once you have finished, there is nothing like debriefing a little with your children while eating a delicious ice-cream and enjoying the sip of a cool drink so as to recharge batteries !
Now you just need to convince the kids to follow you for the visit of the Abbey which is an absolute must-see, and this is a problem that you do not know how to deal with ?
The new digital devices will immerse you in the abbey as it once was thanks to augmented reality terminals, video-mapping and 3D film! Something to make your young teenagers listen...!

To continue the day, your kids will be delighted to participate in the "Investigations at the Stud Farm" event. Go on an adventure, through a treasure hunt, a photo rally or a cluedo! Each of these games will take you through the story of a family full of secrets and treasures.

You see, one day is not enough ! Your children ask for more and they are absolutely right !

If it is really too hot outside, we advise you to go for a swim in our bathing places or make the most of the theatralised visits and visits specifically reserved for very young kids which are held in the caves at Azé !

For the more adventurous, the Acro’bath leisure park awaits you among the forests of the Clunisois area or you could set off to ride the donkeys belonging to Francis for one hour, half a day or for the full day !

The house of the Great Site located in Solutré, the LAB71 situated in Dompierre-les-Ormes and the Eden Center in Cuisery offer workshop activities during school holidays so as to make your kids behave like real explorers or chemists !

In order to revive a few moments of History, Brancion and Berzé-le-Châtel Castles offer the possibility of enjoying creative workshops, costumed visits or scavenger hunts.

In short, give your children a truly memorable experience thanks to Aventures Mômes.

The day comes to an end and it is now time to think about resting...!

Experience the unusual accommodations of the Clunisois area, enjoy the family rooms, make the most of the hotels or B&B and guesthouses with or without a swimming pool !

It is holiday time and children can stay up late like (or almost like) grown-ups !

So do not miss the summer equestrian shows at the National Stud Farm of Cluny, the Nighttime Walks animated by a person dressed in historical costume or summer festivals suitable for children !

These are original activities to occupy your kids of any age and thus make their friends want to come and visit the Clunisois area when they will tell them what they experienced for the space of a day or more !
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