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Shiatsu nature et bien-être  

I propose a PSYCHO-CORPORAL WELL-BEING technique, based on the oriental energetic approach, thanks to Shiatsu methods and Korean Relaxation.
I move from house to house ; I work in companies; in Ehpad (senior nursing/retreat home) but also when events are under way, such as sport and artistic events...
The sessions can be individual (Shiatsu and Korean Relaxation) but also in groups (Do In auto-massage), for industry, businesses and individuals.
Group sessions are organised at the beginning of January, on Wednesdays from 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm.
The time is adjusted to the needs : from 15 min to one hour and a half.
These Well-Being techniques are offered to anyone : young people, ageing people, sportspeople, sedentary persons, disabled persons... wishing to improve their health or regaining vitality.
All body, mental and emotional health issues are tackled and improved.
These energetic techniques distinguish themselves by their global approach of the human being.
My knowledge of Nature, thanks to my second activity : landscape gardener, enabled me to see Well-Being to others in that form, derived from Chinese Medicine.

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Shiatsu nature et bien-être

  • 2 rue du Pas Etroit
  • 71250 CLUNY

  • Phone : 06 10 82 94 07
  • E-mail : mrm23@orange.fr