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Runnin’City - Découvrir Cluny en courant  

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Discover Cluny thanks to the Runnin’City application. A 4.5km route between town and countryside. To be practiced while running or walking!

Runnin’City is the tourist running app you’ve always dreamed of. How does it work?
1. Put on your running shoes and headphones.
2. Start a Runnin’City course in the city where you are, in Cluny of course!
3. It’s time to run! Listen to the GPS and let it guide you.
4. Open your ears wide: you’ll hear everything you need to know about the city, monuments, neighbourhoods, parks..

By the way, it’s 100% free :)

Runnin’ City, why would you like it? Because she’s..
- FUTURE. No need for 4G, download your route in advance when you have wifi.
- EFFECTIVE. It exempts you from having to work out your route in advance.
- PREVENTIVE. It guides you to the route, and takes you home.
- SIMPLE. It saves even those who can’t read a map.
- ATTENTIVE. It observes you so well that it gives you all the performance stats you need.
- UNDERSTANDING. Not in the mood to run? Just walk, Runnin’ City is not the kind to blame you.
- CULTIVATED BUT NOT RAZOR-SHARP. No fancy names or dates... I promise, Runnin’City won’t lecture you!

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Animals welcome : oui

Speaking languages : French

Prices 2022

Free :

Runnin’City - Découvrir Cluny en courant

  • Rue des Griottons
  • 71250 CLUNY

  • E-mail : contact@cluny-tourisme.com