Relive the days of knights at Berzé-le-Chatel Castle

Set off to conquer the fortress of Berzé-le-Châtel, a jewel of the Clunisois area which is located in the Lamartine valley between Cluny and the famous Solutré Rock. This castle, which became a powerful stronghold under the reign of St Louis in order to protect Cluny abbey, kept its military features: dungeon, rampart walk, loopholes, arrow slits...

Its three enclosures, its thirteen towers, its furnitured rooms, its Caroligian-styled chapel and its terraced gardens must be discovered in the course of the visit and, most of all, they will soak you in the medieval world.

Other castles await you and offer you a wide array of French Art and an evocation of the historical past of Burgundy, lands of exchanges and culture.

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