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Pierre Dureuil Bijoutier Joaillier  

I started being trained in ironwork, and now I make wrought iron furniture. I have always liked crafting jewels using the forge to have fun, to try, and this was a revelation. So I trained myself with SEPR, where I attended special professional courses to learn and experiment, in order to become a jeweller. I have worked for seven years in Lyon in several repair and fabrication shops, and it was truly a very formative period which made me want to create my own jewels, to develop a much less conventional and mainstream sort of esthetics.
In 2015 I created my own jewel brand.
Discover my craft pieces at the Tourist Office of Cluny and the Clunisois area.

More information

Pierre Dureuil Bijoutier Joaillier

  • 30 Rue Prud'hon
  • 71250 CLUNY

  • Phone : 06 13 06 54 42
  • E-mail : pirodux@yahoo.fr