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Le Mont Saint-Cyr  

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A must-see viewpoint not to be missed. Mont Saint-Cyr reaches an altitude of 771 metres. It is the highest peak in southern Burgundy.
From the top, the panorama is as vast as it is varied (Charolais, Brionnais and Clunisois). At its feet, you can see deep valleys, wooded hills, hillsides covered with rich vegetation and at the bottom, the town of Montmelard. From the orientation tables, where you can find your bearings, you can, on a clear day, see the summit of Mont Blanc. You will walk in the romantic footsteps of a 10th century monastery, destroyed during the wars of religion. A picnic area set up in the middle of the forest allows you to rest in peace. The site is open all year round, with free access and respect for the environment.

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Le Mont Saint-Cyr

  • 71520 MONTMELARD

  • Phone : 03 85 50 22 16
  • E-mail : mairie.montmelard@wanadoo.fr