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La Maisonnée  

Offering a mix of charm and variety, this shop is an invitation to the discovery of refined and original objects, where the fragrances and candles intermingle with the voluptuousness of cushions, curtains and plaids, the whole thing being finely screened by a wide range of indoor lamps.
The shop is a partner with the big famous deco and scent brands : Amadeus, Jardin d’Ulysse, Country corner, Côté table, Festin coquin, Green Gate, Durance, Collines de Provence, Mathilde M, Bougies la Française.

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La Maisonnée

  • 6 rue Filaterie
  • 71250 CLUNY

  • Phone : 03 85 59 33 63
  • E-mail : lamaisonnee.cluny@orange.fr