Jean-Luc Maréchal

A Cluny resident by adoption and owner of a medieval house

Previously I looked at Cluny with the admiring though distracted eye of a tourist just passing through …
Now that I live here, I look with love on my town!

Thanks to my house which is extraordinarily rich in the historic elements of my town, I was lucky enough to step into the heritage world and I very quickly put my whole heart into it.

This delight, which was given to me thanks to a lucky set of circumstances, is something that I wanted to share with all those who have not had the chance I had, by running activities such as “Secrets de Maisons”(House Secrets), opening up my property to tours by school groups.

One of the rewards has been to see again, during the summer holidays, a child I had already met during a school tour and who was coming back to Cluny, bringing with him his parents and grandparents to show them all the marvellous things he had discovered during his school trip!

My house has not yet revealed all its secrets, so I’ll continue to be a happy Cluny resident!