Hôtel des Monnaies

Located at n°6, rue d’Avril, close to the Portes d’Honneur of the Abbey, this building dating from the end of the 12th/start of the 13th century offers a vast façade over the street with two clerestories on either side of a corbelled chimney and an almost total absence of decoration: a unique example of its kind in Cluny.

Acquired by the Amis de Cluny in 1966 and classified as an “historic monument”, it has been the object of careful restoration, in accordance with archives available (notably the plans of Aymar Verdier) and with assistance from the Historic Monuments office.

An exceptional venue for your receptions :
With two impressively large rooms on the first floor and another on the ground floor opening onto an inner courtyard, the Hôtel de la Monnaie can be made available to you for meetings, conferences, concerts and receptions.

- maximum capacity: 60 people,
- personalised prices available on request.

Contact :

Mme ALLARD - Tél : 03 85 59 05 56 - pauleallard@free.fr
Mme DESBRIERES - Tél. 06 76 47 71 98 - desbrieres.jeanbaptiste@neuf.fr

Le Village des Meuniers