Greenways and cycling routes 2021

Carte Voies vertes et vélotourisme en Saône et Loire

This pocket-sized calling card presents an overview of the routes of Greenways, Bike routes in Saône-et-Loire, major routes that cross the territory, services and facilities adapted to the practice of cycle tourism, as well as all the useful information you need to prepare your bike trip.

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Available at the Tourist Office.

Discover the natural and cultural heritage along the Greenway using an interactive geo-localized map

RANDO BIKE ON THE GREEN WAY between Charnay-Lès-Mâcon and Givry
Download the application for free VOIE VERTE 71

Download the geo-referenced PDFs of the cyclos loops from the Voies Vertes.
A start sign is located on the Green Way for each loop
Un panneau de départ est implanté sur la Voie Verte pour chaque boucle. The courses are marked on the ground.

Discover the cycling routes of Clunisois :

- Boucle 10 - Boucle des églises romanes / 16km
- Boucle 10 bis - Boucle des églises romanes / 35.9km
- Boucle 12 - De Cluny à Cormatin / 30.9km
- Boucle 12bis - De Cluny à Cormatin / 33.5km
- Boucle 14a : Itinéraire de contournement du tunnel du Bois Clair : sens Berzé-le-Châtel - Cluny / 4.2km
- Boucle 14b : Itinéraire de contournement du tunnel du Bois Clair : sens Cluny - Berzé-le-Châtel / 4.2km

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Le Village des Meuniers