Gérard Thélier

Cultural guide

The author of numerous books and a conference speaker / guide who is accredited by the Abbey, Gérard is also an exhibition curator, Art History Professor and cultural consultant instructor. Dressed in the costume of various major characters from the history of Cluny and Cluny country, he runs staged and themed tours and torch-lit tours by night.

Discovering Cluny is no easy matter. One can cross through it, “fly over it”, witness its most well-known, described and inventoried aspects, thinking that one has understood it, or at least understood its essential aspects. But to truly meet with it, it sometimes takes a lifetime. And if one adds to the abbey and city the magnificent Cluny country setting, which is so rich and varied, just one lifetime is not sufficient. So one decides, one day, like me and a few others, to share what one knows and what one has discovered, in order to bring to life this land, its history, its people, its multiple heritage, its landscapes and its remarkable uniqueness. For many years eclipsed by Cluny, as well as being preserved by it, Cluny country has today come into its full potential as a particularly attractive cultural and tourist destination for a stay which, I hope, our welcome here will encourage you to prolong.

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