Fishing in the Grosne river

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The Grosne river, about 100 km long as a result of several originating « torrents », has its source 800 m upstream in the granite forested massif of Haut Beaujolais (Rhône).

It drains the depression of the Clunisois region between Mâconnais and Charollais areas, then it traces a trench along the chalonnais shore opening out downstream in the Chalonnaise plain to finally end up emptying into the Saône river on the right bank in Marnay.

Classified in the 1st category over its ten first kilometers up to Clermain bridge, the Grosne is first and foremost a brisk and fresh river, where the emblematic fario trout lives (a specie which maintained large numbers particularly in the upstream portions of Saint Léger-sous-la-Bussière).

On its midway portion (Cluny, Cormatin), the Grosne river has kept a few flows. There may still be some trouts, but henceforth, we enter 2nd category and this sector offers a much more favorouble environment for gudgeons, barbels, chubs, perches.

Further downstream, after the merging of the Guye and the Grison, the Grosne gets wider and winds more and more in meanders.

The water is slowed down by the numerous mills along the river. There are many pikes. It is not unusual to capture some big carps and silurids in the deeper parts of the river.


- CLUNY « La Gaule Clunysoise »
- SALORNAY-SUR-GUYE « Le Réveil de la Guye »
- SAINTE-CECILE « Les Gaulois de la Valouze »

For more information on fishing locations and conditions, go to the official website of the Saône-et-Loire Fishing Federation.

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