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Eglise de Saint-André-le-Désert  

The village of Saint-André-le-Désert, located in the Clunisois area, has a little-known Romanesque church, from a former Benedictine priory which disappeared. It is dedicated to Saint André, who was an apostle.
The transept and the choir, the apse and the absidioles in the form of quarter sphere, built around 1150, are of Romanesque style. The nave, which is modern, was rebuilt and endowed with aisles in 1885-1886.

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Distance from Cluny center : 13 km of Cluny

Eglise de Saint-André-le-Désert

  • Le Bourg

  • Phone : 03 85 59 07 18
  • E-mail : paroisse-cluny@orange.fr