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Eglise de Massilly  

Built in 1856, the church of Massilly under the name of Saint-Denis, is mentioned several times in the collection of charters of the Abbey of Cluny. It belonged to the ager of Merzé, a settlement center located on the right bank of the Grosne, and which has almost completely disappeared. In 1675 the church had its nave and its choir well vaulted and covered with lava.

The old church of Massilly, very probably Romanesque, consisted of a single nave, a narrower choir bay, supporting a high square bell tower covered by a four-sided spire, and a semi-circular apse. The act of visit of July 27, 1716 mentions in the church, on the left, a chapel of Saint Denis. This church was sold for 38,000 pounds to several buyers on 12 Nivôse year 7.

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Eglise de Massilly

  • Le Bourg
  • 71250 MASSILLY

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