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Eglise Saint-Martin de Chérizet  

Chérizet is a very small town in Saône-et-Loire with 26 inhabitants at the last census. The church, placed under the name of Saint-Martin, has retained from the Romanesque period, the apse, the bay under the bell tower and the bell tower. The nave was rebuilt from 1870 to 1873, at the time of the 150 inhabitants. Attached to the Sailly branch (Canton of Saint-Gengoux) at the time of the Concordat, it was reunited at Salornay-sur-Guye by royal decree of July 30, 1823, returning to the previous situation. It was the vicarial chapel between 1859 and 1864

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Eglise Saint-Martin de Chérizet

  • 71250 CHERIZET

  • Phone : 03 85 59 07 18
  • E-mail : paroisse-cluny@orange.fr