Cluny, an ideal destination for cyclists !

You are a cyclist and you wish to make a stopover in Cluny ?

Do not hesitate any longer, this is THE ideal destination !!

Nestled along the Green Way, Cluny is situated half-way between Mâcon and Chalon-sur-Saône. A Green Way link enables you to reach the city center of Cluny within a few minutes and thus allows you to make the most of the various services that this beautiful town will offer you ! Voie Verte, tunnel du Bois Clair en Clunisois

As a first step, meet us at the Tourist Office where our reception team will be delighted to welcome you so as to describe the site and thus guide you in the best possible way to have an unforgettable memory of your fantastic day !
And if you want to visit in lighter conditions, we advise you to use the left luggage service !
As for parking facilities, there is nothing to worry about since bicycle racks are available near our premises and a stone’s throw from the Abbey !

A visit of the abbey, a discovery of the medieval city while having a delicious ice cream or a refreshing drink on the terrace of a local cafe when it is very hot and it is already time for you to leave...
Take the time to have a peek at our various supports (trail maps, hiking guides, IGN maps, and so on and so forth) to make sure that you steer the right course before you continue your journey !
Well, you really enjoyed everything and you are ready for new adventures but have you thought about your bike or not ??
Just like you, your bicycle needs to be cared for, so pop into Ludisport - a repair shop which is located at the start of the Green Way - for a little check-up and maintenance work before you resume your cycling session !
However, if you are looking for accommodation for one night or more, this is not a problem, as you will have a wide range to choose from depending on your budget and expectations in terms of comfort !
Camping sites, collective housing, hotels, B&B guest houses, furnished dwellings and all that you need to eat easily without having to ride your bike again !
For those who still have enough energy in their legs, some villages in the Clunisois area such as Berzé-le-Châtel, Lournand, Massilly, Taizé and Ameugny are crossed by the cycling path, so why not stay there ?

While surfing on our web site, you will find all the good addresses and practical information !

If you need any further information we will of course be happy to answer your questions !

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