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Cluny Horse Valley  

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The "Cluny Horse Valley" estate welcomes you to Cortambert, between forests and vineyards, where our American horses, rigorously selected for their mentality and kindness, live in herds.

Our Quarter Horse and Paint Horse, calm and educated, will take you through paths and woods to discover the exceptional Clunisois heritage and its magnificent landscapes. And always for your comfort, with high quality western saddles.

Rider or not, a place of life preserved and far from any agitation awaits you. Come and relax on the terrace of our club-house, enjoy our natural environment or simply observe the games of our horses or newborn foals. In this spirit, we have chosen organic farming for our farm.

We offer rides for all levels, from about 1h30 per session, including welcoming and preparation of the horse, up to a one-day pleasure ride.

Cluny Horse Valley

  • Chemin des Beunons Lieu-dit Toury
  • 71250 CORTAMBERT

  • Phone : 06 82 38 83 57
  • Phone : 06 01 31 49 70