Climb up to the top of Mount-Saint-Romain, with hike destination

The Clunisois area offers superb views on the Mâconnais and Charolais mounts and the surrounding provinces with breathtaking panoramas situated at an altitude of between 100 and 760 meters, including Saint Romain Mount in Blanot, a very suitable spot for hiking and mountain biking.

Whether you are an experienced hiker or simply a backpacker willing to spend time with your family for a walk, everyone will be able to find something to enjoy and will be amazed by how diverse the landscapes of the Clunisois area can be.

A wide variety of trails await you: long-distance itineraries such as the Pilgrim’s Way to Saint-James and the Pilgrim’s Way to Assisi, the major national footpaths (GR) or the green walks.

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For mountain-bike enthusiasts, the South Burgundy Massif is made for you ! To know more about...

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La Mansarde de l'Abbaye