Classical visit of the Abbey-city

Full tour of the abbey with guide-map

From the Portes d’Honneur to the Fromages’ tower, including the Jean de Bourbon palace / museum, remains of the great abbey, the cloister, the flour store and the monks’cell,
+ 3 circuits to explore the medieval city (from 30 to 50 minutes) to visit the medieval city and its medieval houses. Throughout this tour you will find reading tables with more information.

Prices :

- full price: 10,50€/pers. (entrance tickets included),
- 1,50€ for people under 26 years old from the European Union,
- free for children under 6 years old.
- guide-map only : 2€

For sale at the tourist office all year round in French, English, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish).

Agneau pascal

A doubt about your sense of direction ?

Find on the streets bronze nails
representing the paschal lamb
and arrows indicating the direction of travel!

Le Village des Meuniers