Voie Verte

The Voie Verte (Greenway) is an itinerary that will allow you to travel the departement, over a distance of some 350kms following the old railway lines.
The fully signposted and secured itinerary, reserved for non motorised vehicles and entirely asphalted, the Voie Verte offers the possibility of going for a walk or doing some sport, alone or as a family, on foot, on a bike, on roller skates…
28 cycle-tourism loops, taking small roads, are marked out and attached to all the green ways and cycle routes and allow you to appreciate, on nearly 730 km, the local, artisanal and cultural life of the region...
This is a unique way to discover the environmental and cultural wealth of Southern Burgundy, through an authentic natural path that winds its way between Saint-Léger-sur-Dheune and Charnay-les-Mâcon, passing through Chalon-sur-Saône and Cluny.

Departure from Cluny: Prado car park - greenway connection.

The tunnel has been closed since 1 October 2017. It will be open on April 15,2018.
Objective: to maintain favourable conditions for bats in the tunnel.
During the tunnel’s period of closure, you can take the Loop No 14 (Cluny - Berzé direction; Berzé - Cluny direction). Attention, this loop with a cumulative positive difference in altitude of 175 meters, is almost 10 kilometers. It takes a little over one hour to make it happen.

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Boucle cyclable entr voie verte et voie bleue
For the bravest of you,
enjoy a splendid circuit between Chalon and Mâcon, taking the greenway out via the vinous Côte Chalonnaise, returning by the Voie Bleue, a waterside route by the Saône. Gastronomy, wine-tasting and fine heritage sights are on offer on this easy, delightful section.
Count on a trip of 3 to 4 days.

Touring Burgundy by Bicycle

All along the Burgundy Tour cycling route, local professionals have made the commitment, through signing a Quality Charter, to provide you with services and equipment adapted to meet your needs.
Regardless of the itinerary chosen, you’re guaranteed to find an accomodation, bicycle rental / repair shops ans specialised Tourist Offices all meeting the mandatory requirements regardong services and facilities.

L'évasion dans les rayons sur les Voies Vertes, la Voie Bleue et les petites routes de campagne avec le site internet Terre d'Itinérances

Tourisme et handicapTwo portions of the Greenway: Charnay-les-Macon / Prissé (3.2km) and Cluny / Buxy (34.5km) are labeled Tourism and Handicap for motor impairments, mental and hearing.