The great abbey church restored

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Founded in 910, Cluny abbey radiated over Europe troughout the Middle Ages, with its 1400 cluniac sites. Still today the restored remains and the monastic buildings bear witness to this search for gigantic size...
The restored remains of the immense abbey church and building spaces dating from the 18th century were highlited in 2010, inviting visitors to rediscover this unique place. A 3D film complete the visit and show the majesty of what was once the greatest church in Christendom.

The National Monuments Center offers various visitors tours to discover the abbey year round :
- unaccompanied tours ’with visitor documents available in French, English, German, Italian and Spanish),
- tours with commentary (every day, French)
- tours with audio-guide (French, English, German, Italian)
- tours made to measure for groups : conference tours, activities for school children, tours or worksops, special tours.

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