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It was built with the whole beginning of the 18th century under the impulse of the Cardinal of Bouillon, abbot of Cluny, according to a simple and functional architecture for its time with a main building housing the chapel in the centre and on either side the two sick wards and a wing in the south sheltering the common buildings.

It is resulting from the old hospital institutions clunisoises going back to the Middle Ages and from the creation of l’ Notre-Dame hospital in 1627 following the legacy of Julien GRIFFON, priest in Cluny.

During your visit, you can discover :
The chapel :
- with the remarkable elements of the mausoleum which the cardinal of Bouillon wished high in the large abbey church about 1710,
- various movable elements coming from the abbey of Cluny from which some were saved by the hospital nuns of Sainte-Marthe during the Revolution,
- the remarkable fresco by the artist Camille Chaimowicz.
The room Saint Lazare, old room of the men:
- with its woodworks and its furniture,
. an exposure window containing of the pilot elements of passed of the institution
. an exposure window containing of the objects and religious ornaments, as well as many relics and in particular the elements of the stick of Saint-Hugues of 10th or 11th century.
The south aisle, (visiting only in guided visit) with :
- the board of directors’ room decorated with a number of paintings,
- the Empire style Apothecary presenting an interesting collection of earthenware.

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