Rambling by a donkey

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Les anes de Francis en Clunisois
Pour les enfants et vos activités en famille, une balade insolite avec les ânes de Francis en Bourgogne du Sud

Excursion of 1hour, 2hours, half-day, full day on maintained paths (Way to Santiago de Compostella).
Loan of a detailed map, itinerary description and explanations prior to departure.
Material provided according to your needs (halter, skirts, packs, satchel, saddle).
Possibility to hire a donkey-drawn sleigh.
Guide also available.
Reception of groups, classes or recreational centres.


Opening times :
- Available all year round, 7 days a week.

Admission fee :
- Donkey hire : 30 € for a half-day, 45 € for a full day, 20 € for 1h30 :
- Reduced prices for hiring of several donkeys

Les anes de Francis en Clunisois

Contact :

Les Ânes de Francis
Montillet - 71520 Tramayes
Tél. +33 (0)6 74 67 79 94

Ludisport - Location de vélo à Cluny