Jean de Bourbon Palace

The Jean de Bourbon Palace houses the Museum of Art and Archaeology and is a rare example of a flamboyant Gotic style manor house, with its vast reception rooms decorated with monumental fireplaces. It is home to remarkable works of mediaval sculpture from Cluny, taken from the burg and the abbey itself.

Don’t miss the scale model of part of the Great Portal of Cluny III (tympanum, lintel, arches, jambs), a masterprice of Romanesque sculpture, and its accompanying digital film. The old library holds some rare prints, inherited from the Cluniac library.

From the Palace the visitor accesses the belvedere square of the great abbey church, the remains of its narthex, five naves and the great abbey courtyard between the Saint Hugues hostelry (11th century) and the Palace of the Pope Gelasius (entrance to the Monk’s enclosure).


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