Equivallée - Sports and events center

The Equivallée Cluny events center is a complex of around 20 hectares. It has been designed to promote and highlight the equine sector amongst the general public and socio-professionals.
Over 70 days of sports events are organised here every year, all of which are free of charge and open to the public.
In addition to sporting events, Equivallée is a training centre enjoyed by professionals. Walking through the site it is not unusual to see riders taking advantage of the technical quality of installations to practise and train their horses.

Information on www.equivallee-cluny.fr

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Contact :

2 rue porte des prés - 71250 Cluny
Phone +33 (0)3 85 32 09 73
Reception from 9am to 12pm - 2pm to 6pm
Events Manager - Emna GUIGUET