Castle of Couches Marguerite de Bourgogne

The Castle livens up you

Are you ready to raise(find) in family the challenges of the castle of Coats ? A dressed up guided tour takes you to the discovery of the mysteries, secret hiding places and anecdotes on his illustrious inhabitants and ends by a creative workshop in family.

Pursue the adventure by a natural hike : by means of your digital tablet, games, quiz and diverse tests follow one another through vineyards, forest and park of the castle.

** All year round, participate in the creative studios and take advantage of animations and of colourful shows. Do not miss the Medieval : 4 days of animations with jousts, fights of fencing, juggleries, hawks and horses, but also dances ; concerts, etc.

From April 01st till December 30th, according to the opening hours of the site.

More information about the Castle Château de Couches Marguerite de Bourgogne

Contact :

Château de Couches
RD 978
Tél : 03 85 45 57 99

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