Art and History Country between Cluny and Tournus

Logo Pays d'art et d'histoire entre luy et TournusArt and History Country between Cluny and Tournus comprises four communities of towns.

Its missions are as follows :
- create awareness amongst inhabitants and of the quality of architecture, urban fabric and landscapes around them,
- present every aspect of the heritage,
- initiate young people in terms of architecture, town planning, landscape and heritage,
- offer tourists quality tours, led by qualified guides,
- contribute to economic development by valorisation of the land and its activities.

Bonnay, village pittoresque du Clunisois Voie romane entre Tournus et Cluny Château, village pittoresque du Clunisois

Contact :

Hôtel de Ville - 71700 TOURNUS
Tél. +33(0)3 85 27 03 20

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