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Abbaye de Cluny  

Aventure mômes Vignobles et découvertes


Founded in 910, the Abbey of Cluny enjoyed exceptional influence and renown throughout Christian Europe. 1,200 religious establishments depended on the Abbey and 10,000 monks resided there. The Abbey church’s architecture had to be in keeping with this mighty religious order. In twenty years’ time, from 1088 to 1109, the Abbot Saint Hugues accomplished an unbelievably bold plan. The building constructed was 187 metres in length. The height to the top of the vault was 30 metres. In 1791, the State declared the church of Saint Hugues public property and it was dismantled between 1798 and 1823. Left standing today is nothing more than the southern arm of the main transept lying beneath the "Holy Water" bell tower.
During the guided visit (parties assemble and purchase tickets at the Museum of Art and Archaeology), attention focuses on the spectacular rise of the transept, the cloister, the granary, the sculpted capitals, the still intact abbey wall towers, among other marvels… A 3D film entitled "Maior Ecclesia" that uses virtual images to project the Cluny III edifice back into its glory period. Within the scope of the Cluny 2010 project, the whole visit is currently being refurbished in the aim of enhancing the abbey’s site and its virtual restitution (restoration of existing parts - both the large and small transepts, a new path through the site using the latest technology - virtual immersion, screen displays showing former perspectives, a series of 3D monitors to allow viewing the destroyed abbey buildings of the past, and other features).

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Mallette pédagogique multi-sensorielle, maquettes tactiles avec inscriptions en braille, visite guidée en LSF sur demande, livre "Sens Itinéraire" réalisé en braille et gros caractère, consultable gratuitement à l'accueil et vendu à la boutique, comptoir d'accueil, cartels et sanitaires adaptés à l'accueil des PMR et le personnel est formé à l'accueil des personnes en situation de handicap.

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Abbaye de Cluny

  • Place du 11 Août 1944
  • 71250 CLUNY

  • Phone : 03 85 59 15 93
  • E-mail : abbaye-de-cluny@monuments-nationaux.fr